Art Groove
Abstract (painting) art with powerful colors and intriguing titles

Artful NOAA Radar Scan Images
Colorful radar data scan images of interesting meteorological features. While working for NOAA, I helped produce most of these images from data collected with cloud and precipitation research radars, and gathered them together because they also appealed to the artful side of my brain.

Atmospheric Optics
A wonderful compilation of photographs of rainbows, halos, glorires, coronas, wierd arcs, and just about every other form of atmospheric optical phenomena, along with excellent diagrams and (semi-technical) explanations about how these features form. The best such web site in the world, I think.

NWS Weather Forecasts
Local-region 7-day weather forecasts from NOAA's National Weather Service for anywhere in the United States. Just click on their maps for the location you want. These sites also have current satellite and radar images and climate information.

Real-time Weather
Conveniently packaged U.S. weather maps, forecast maps, radar and satellite images for meteorologists and those who'd like to be.

Southwest Wildflowers
Great site for identification of wildflowers and trees of the US Southwest, especially the 4-Corners states (CO, AZ, UT, NM).