Technical Publications (a sampling)

by Brooks Martner


Martner, B.E., 1986: Wyoming Climate Atlas. University of Nebraska Press, 432 pp.

Journal Articles:

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Martner, B.E., 1997: Vertical velocities in a thunderstorm gust front and outflow. Journal of Applied Meteorology, v36, p615-622.

<FONT COLOR = AEC8F9>Radar Image of Gust Front
Radar Image of Gust Front

Martner, B.E., 1996: An intimate look at clouds. Weatherwise, v49/3, p20-23.

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Recent Conference Article:

Martner and Politovich, 2011: Historical trends of record daily temperatures at Denver, Colorado, 1872-2010. 19th Conf. on Applied Climatology, Amer. Meteor. Soc., 9 pp.